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#Thursday, November 13, 2008 #

Floating in this reality
with my eyes closed ,
afraid of this society,
afraid ill be exposed..

Avoiding every truthful mirror,
scared to see that artificial smile
This world isnt any clearer,
so ill run away from this trial.

People who I care for
they see the mask I wear
but they dont want that anymore.
They want to see my fear..

I beg the, let me dance this dance.
Let me walk in this parade.
Let me fall victim to this trance,
this sweet masquerade .

Let me become blind to whats real,
to become this world's need.
Let me hide what I truly feel.
Let me be engulfed into this greed.

Dont reveal this disguise,
it is all that protects me.
from all of my dishonest lies,
that ive told myself to be happy..

Let me believe we will soon be ok.
Dance the dance of this false melody.
Stand by me forever and never go away
because to me, you are my only reality.

Manipulate me if that is your desire.
Hold my mask for just a while.
Set me a flame and watch this fire,
for it will burn a magnificent phony smile..

Onto this artificial mask I call my face,
shall be the smile of this masquerade .
So please let me hide my disgrace,
just until my existence starts to fade..

Just please, dance this dance with me.
Ill do whatever it is you ask.
Just act like you dont see,
my tears behind this mask..


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