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#Saturday, December 5, 2009 #

Went Lynn's house for BBQ party . Nothing special there , my elder cousin bro , Hann kor kor brought a few of his friend over , while my younger cousin sister , Toong brought a gang of her friend over . The food there was great but the serving was less that I still hungry when I'm leaving. Went to Lynn's room to play for a while before going home , some photo I took for fun . Didn't have chance to take more photos.


In the morning today , went to 2 warehouse sales . 1 located in Shah Alam , took us almost an hour to arrive there , but doesn't have much choice left there , so we leave there without buying anything . Then we had lunch in a Nyonya shop in Subang Jaya . The food was just fine . Then we went another warehouse sales and bought 2 shoes for daddy and mummy each , Ting also get 1 , while me and my bro doesn't get any. :(


Went Petaling street with my mom and Ting , saw someone taking advertisment beside the road . What I can see is just some people taking camera and 2 "uncle" holding a fan doing a lame post . Raining so I only could manage to take photo from the car. Bought a 10 feet christmas tree for Summit Hotel decoration . I only knew it was blue and white in colour , doesn't get a chance to look at it.


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