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#Monday, December 21, 2009 #

Nothing special happend in this holiday . This holiday can be said is the most boring year end holiday I had .

Very happy and tiring . Yesterday the room furnitures my mom bought for me last week has finally arrived . We back from Ipoh at 3pm++ , after packing the things brought from Ipoh , I switch on my computer and start facebook-ing , then a phonecall from the furniture shop said that the furniture will be send to my house at 7pm ! My mom and I rushed to my room and bring all the things out and start painting my room with pink colour paint that remained from painting my dad's new room .. End up the room was unfinish painting due to not enough paint . My bro wrote "Jin was here" with the paint , while my sis wrote " Ting was super PRO forever" on my wall ... The writting was still there , not enough paint to cover that up . The new furniture was pretty ! White wood and blue-green glass on for the cupboard , pure white wood for the bed frame and dressing table . I loved the dressing table the most ! The first dressing table I had ! :D

p/s :Couldn't take picture of it ... Because my room is personal and cannot be display on blog publicly.

HOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS ! Christmas is coming ! Everywhere was decorated with Christmas decoration , among the decoration at the mall and streets , I prefer white christmas decoration alot . It was special , pretty and gentle in colour. :)
I wonder if someone would invite me go "gai gai" on Christmas . I bet my parents wouldn't go anywhere this Christmas , no relative or friends organize a Christmas Party this year .. Quite a boring Christmas . Might back to Mapling .... On x2 and try get to 173 or 174 from 172 .

Kinda worry about next year .
Everything gonna bang to me very quickly next year .


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